We are honored to have been able to recently engage in an interview with Nashville Public Radio. It was great fun to play host to Caroline Leland and give her the grand tour or Tennessee Urban Farm.

Here’s a quoted excerpt from the story –

Springfield resident Mona Hitch tends a greenhouse filled with rows of eight-foot PVC towers. Edible plants peek through dozens of holes drilled into the sides. Hitch’s greenhouse contains ten of these towers, though it has capacity for 50. Right now Hitch is growing multiple lettuce varieties, different kinds of kale, just about any herb you could think of, even edible flowers.

“I fell in love with it for several reasons,” Hitch says. “I know where my food is; I know what’s on it. I’m my own pest control, and I can just step outside in flip flops and pearls or high heels and we have salad every day.”

Any non-root crop that’s not too tall can grow in a vertical farming system.

Tennessee Urban Farm | Mona Hitch tends to one of the Tower Gardens

Tennessee Urban Farm | Photo Credit: Caroline Leland

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