It is not necessary to have any previous farming or gardening experience to run a Tower Farm due to it’s technology. Not so in conventional soil-based farming. Becoming a soil-based farmer is a profession and takes years of experience and knowledge to manage the soil, nutrients, weeds, use of water, pests, etc. The same applies to hydroponic growing. You are constantly dealing with problems with pH and electrocondivity and the farm staff needs to include professionals who understand water biology and plant science. Also, with hydroponics, there is a need for ongoing strategy in terms of nutrients and pH as there is a unique solution for each crop and needs to be adjusted or changed every week.

With a Tower Farm, there is no previous experience required! The technology really allows you to plant and watch it grow.

Tower Farms are so simple to operate besides offering abundant crop yields, saving 95% of the water compared to soil farming and saving up to 90% in space. Tower Farms are also extremely versatile and can be featured indoors, outdoors, on rooftops, etc. The technology brings professional results to everyone! With just a couple of days of experience you can become an expert! Most Tower Farm owners did not have any previous farming/gardening experience when they started. It is truly one of the most user-friendly ways to farm. Our fully automated Tower Farm was conceived for anyone that wants to farm without needing expertise or experience in farming of any kind. It is extremely easy since everything is modular and stackable!