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  • Salad on the Go

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    What goes better with the fruits (and vegetables) of you Tower Garden labors than a great salad, straight from the Tower? The Salad on the Go companion. Simply harvest your greens, vegetables and fruits, put them in the Salad on the Go container and keep your dressing in the handy green dressing container so your salad stays perfectly fresh till you are ready to eat it.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Arugula, Standard

    Arugula, Standard

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Dark green, spicy, great for salads or cooking greens. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden®.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Amaranth, redleaf

    Amaranth, redleaf, Seasonal

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    Excellent substitute for spinach in the summer, comparable in taste. Medium green, oval to heart-shaped leaves are overlaid with burgundy red. Often used in soups. Pick individual leaves; pinch off terminal buds to encourage branching. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden®.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Arugula, Wasabi

    Arugula, Wasabi

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Wasabi arugula gives the same nose-tingling sensation as the wasabi condiment used in Japanese dishes. Leaves are spoon-shaped with a toothed margin. Adds a unique punch to salad mixes. Harvest the edible flowers as they appear. Sprinkle them over salads or add to vegetable stir-fries. Flavor is spicy and nutty. Popular choice for brightening up salad mix.

  • Chard and Beet, Rainbow Sprinkles Mix

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    A bright and cheerful mix that offers maximum color at the micro stage. Includes both red and green, lofty leaves as well as a rainbow of stem and vein colors: bright and light pink, orange, red, and yellow.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Kale, Red Russian

    Kale, Red Russian

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Smooth red leaves for baby leaf and bunching.

    Stems are purple; leaves are flat, toothed, and dark green with purple veins. The plants mature medium-tall and leaves are tender compared to other kales. For salads and light cooking. NOTE: To extend storage life, dunk leaves in cold water post harvest.
  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Kale, Curly Green

    Kale, Blue

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    Exceptionally cold-tolerant and high-yielding heirloom. Compact plants yield tender, blue-green, crinkled leaves that are quite delicious, very cold hardy, and rich in vitamin A.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Kale, Green

    Kale, Dinosaur Green

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    Also known as Dinosaur Kale. Green leaf, for salads, smoothies, light cooking. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Kale, Redbor

    Kale, Scarlet

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Deep purple-red kale, frilly leaves for garnishing and excellent for eating.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Kalette


    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    A cross between Brussels sprouts and kale. The open, flower-like florets are ready when approximately 2″ in diameter. Three bicolor varieties include Autumn Star, Mistletoe, and Snowdrop.

  • Micro Mix, Mild

    Mild Green Mix, Baby Greens

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    Blend of mild flavored mizuna, cabbage, kale, and kohlrabi. Mostly green with a touch of purple.

  • Radish, Confetti Mix

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    New! Easy, fast, and colorful.

    A vibrant, mildly spicy blend of purple and green radish leaves with red, purple, and pink stems. Micro radish greens.
  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Sorrel, Green

    Sorrel, Green

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Bright, lemon flavor. The tender, fresh green leaves grow to about 8″ long and have an intense lemony flavor. Use sparingly in salads or generously in soups and sauces, especially with fish. French type.  Grown year-round in the Tower Garden.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Sorrel, Red Vein

    Sorrel, Red Vein

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Flashy sorrel for salads. Bright green leaves with contrasting dark maroon stems and veins add color and taste to salad mix. Same sharp, tangy flavor as regular sorrel. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Micro Mix, Spicy

    Spicy Green Mix, Baby Greens

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    A colorful blend of red and green mustards with various textures. Spicy flavor pairs well with the Mild Micro Mix.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Spinach


    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Traditional variety, medium green, great for salads and light cooking, grown spring and fall.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Swiss Chard

    Swiss Chard

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    Great in salad mix, grown spring, summer, fall.

  • Watercress

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    Gourmet salad and sandwich vegetable.

    The standard, traditional watercress, recently touted as exceptionally nutritious.