Edible Flowers

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  • Salad on the Go


    What goes better with the fruits (and vegetables) of you Tower Garden labors than a great salad, straight from the Tower? The Salad on the Go companion. Simply harvest your greens, vegetables and fruits, put them in the Salad on the Go container and keep your dressing in the handy green dressing container so your salad stays perfectly fresh till you are ready to eat it.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Calendua



    This is the spectacular flashback mix, an array of colors with bicolor petals. The undersides of the petals are a muted burgundy giving the flowers a unique, flashy appearance. An excellent mix of colors; high percentage of double and semidouble flowers on long, strong stems. Also known as pot marigold, common marigold, and Scotch marigold. Petals of the flowers can be used fresh or dried in “flower confetti,” for soups, soufflés, rice dishes, baked goods, and to garnish desserts. Calendula is a popular choice for brightening up salad mix. Flavor is tangy and slightly bitter. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming, as the base can be quite bitter.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Lavender



    Flowers can be used to garnish desserts and as a distinct flavor element in baked goods. Flavor is sweet and floral, and pair well with citrus, berries, nuts, mint, and cinnamon.

  • Marigold, Durango Outback Mix

    Marigold, Durango Outback Mix


    Durango Outback Mix Marigold.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Pansy



    Edible Flowers: Decorative and edible garnish for salads and desserts with slight wintergreen flavor. A popular choice for brightening up salad mix.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Tomato, Cherokee Purple, Heirloom

    Tomato, ‘Cherokee Purple’, heirloom, Seasonal


    Unusual variety with full flavor. Medium-large, flattened globe fruits. Color is dusky pink with dark shoulders. Relatively short vines. You must have nighttime temperatures above 55°F in order to grow. Not suggested for indoor growing.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Tomato Amish Paste

    Tomato, Amish Paste, Seasonal


    A long-time favorite heirloom plum.

     Amish Paste’s slightly irregular plum-to strawberry shaped fruits  with excellent flavor. These meaty tomatoes are good in salads and great for processing.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Tomato, Big Beef

    Tomato, Big Beef, Seasonal


    Large, full-flavored, ripens early, indeterminate, grown spring and summer. You must have nighttime temperatures above 55°F in order to grow. Not suggested for indoor growing.

  • Tomato, Black Cherry Organic

    Tomato, Black Cherry Organic, Seasonal


    Sweet and robust.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Yellow Pear Tomato Seed

    Tomato, Yellow Pear, Seasonal


    Petite, distinctive salad tomato.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Zucchini, Dunja

    Zucchini, Dunja, Seasonal


    Dunja is a high yielder of dark-green, straight zucchinis.