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  • Cucamelon


    A unique specialty cucumber.

    Cute, 1″ long fruits look like miniature watermelons and taste like cucumbers with tangy citrus overtones.

    Vines start growing slowly but can get up to 10′ long. Trellising recommended. Can be eaten fresh or pickled.  NOTE: We recommend harvesting these cucumbers promptly as they tend to get seedy if allowed to grow longer than 1″.

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  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Bush Beans

    Bush Beans, Seasonal


    Bush Beans.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Cantaloupe

    Cantaloupe, Seasonal


    Cantaloupe seedling.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Cucumber, Traditional Slicing

    Cucumber, traditional, slicing, Seasonal


    Slicing, Long, slender, dark green, grown spring, summer. You must have nighttime temperatures above 55°F in order to grow. Not suggested for indoor growing.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Diva Cucumber

    Diva Cucumber, Seasonal


    Diva produces distinctly tender, crisp, sweet, bitter-free, and seedless cukes.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Peas, Sugar Snap

    Peas, Sugar Snap, Seasonal


    Sweet pea pods, grown spring and fall.

  • Pepper, Lightning

    Pepper, Lightning, Seasonal


    Hot banana for pickling or fresh eating.

  • Pepper, Lunchbox Yellow

    Pepper, Lunchbox Yellow, Seasonal


    Sweet and flavorful yellow snack peppers.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | No Heat Jalapeño

    Pepper, No Heat Jalapeño, Seasonal


    Authentic jalapeno flavor without any of the heat.