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  • Salad on the Go

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    What goes better with the fruits (and vegetables) of you Tower Garden labors than a great salad, straight from the Tower? The Salad on the Go companion. Simply harvest your greens, vegetables and fruits, put them in the Salad on the Go container and keep your dressing in the handy green dressing container so your salad stays perfectly fresh till you are ready to eat it.

  • Albion Strawberry

    $2.55 SOLD OUT

    Very large berries with excellent flavor.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Arugula, Standard

    Arugula, Standard

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Dark green, spicy, great for salads or cooking greens. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden®.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Amaranth, redleaf

    Amaranth, redleaf, Seasonal

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    Excellent substitute for spinach in the summer, comparable in taste. Medium green, oval to heart-shaped leaves are overlaid with burgundy red. Often used in soups. Pick individual leaves; pinch off terminal buds to encourage branching. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden®.

  • Basil, Amethyst

    Basil, Amethyst

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Purple Genovese-type basil.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Arugula, Wasabi

    Arugula, Wasabi

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Wasabi arugula gives the same nose-tingling sensation as the wasabi condiment used in Japanese dishes. Leaves are spoon-shaped with a toothed margin. Adds a unique punch to salad mixes. Harvest the edible flowers as they appear. Sprinkle them over salads or add to vegetable stir-fries. Flavor is spicy and nutty. Popular choice for brightening up salad mix.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Holy Basil

    Basil, Holy

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    Unique, spicy aroma with hints of coffee and chocolate.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Basil, Italian

    Basil, Italian

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    Large, dark green leaves, great for pesto, grown spring through fall.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Basil, Lemon

    Basil, Lemon

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Sweet and tangy lemon basil.

    Edible Flowers: Use the flowers in any recipe that calls for basil, or to garnish drinks, salads, soups, pasta, and desserts. Flavor is of intense basil and citrus.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Pac Choi, Green

    Bok Choy, Green

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Spicy flavor important in Asian cooking.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Broccoli


    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Heads are medium sized, blue-green with small, attractive beads.

  • Broccoli, Broccolini

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    New! Early, tender, and productive.

    Similar to Happy Rich, with good flavor and tenderness, a long harvest window, and some heat tolerance.
  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Broccoli, Raab

    Broccoli, Raab

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Big plant, relatively late maturity. An Italian favorite with a somewhat bitter taste, this fast-growing, cool-season annual forms loose flower heads similar to broccoli. The flowers are edible. Harvest when the yellow or white flowers open. Add them to any hot pasta or poached fish dish, salads, or flower confetti.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Brussels Sprouts

    Brussels Sprouts

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Brussels sprouts is related  to broccoli and cabbage. They resemble miniature cabbages, with diameters of about 1 inch. They grow in bunches of 20 to 40 on the stem of a plant that grows as high as three feet tall. Perfectly cooked Brussels sprouts have a crisp, dense texture and a slightly sweet taste.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Bush Beans

    Bush Beans, Seasonal

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Bush Beans.

  • Cabbage

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Capture produces beautiful, avg. 3 lb. round heads packed with mildly-sweet leaves that are excellent for cooking or fresh use. Delicious flavor.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Cabbage, Napa Style

    Cabbage, Napa style

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Dark green, sweet, mild flavor. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Calendua


    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    This is the spectacular flashback mix, an array of colors with bicolor petals. The undersides of the petals are a muted burgundy giving the flowers a unique, flashy appearance. An excellent mix of colors; high percentage of double and semidouble flowers on long, strong stems. Also known as pot marigold, common marigold, and Scotch marigold. Petals of the flowers can be used fresh or dried in “flower confetti,” for soups, soufflés, rice dishes, baked goods, and to garnish desserts. Calendula is a popular choice for brightening up salad mix. Flavor is tangy and slightly bitter. Remove the petals from the flower base before consuming, as the base can be quite bitter.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Cantaloupe

    Cantaloupe, Seasonal

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    Cantaloupe seedling.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Celery


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    Petite stalks, use leaves and stalks in salads. Grown year-round in the Tower Garden.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Catnip


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    Not just for cats. Catnip can be used as an herbal beverage (tea), the essential oils can be used as a bug repellent, and it is used homeopathically. It is also an aphid repellent when it is growing. And your cats will love you for getting it. Flowers are very attractive to bees.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Cauliflower, Standard

    Cauliflower, Standard

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Medium-sized plants with domed, solid curds and self-blanching, upright wrapper leaves.

  • Tennessee Urban Farm | Chives

    Chives, Garlic

    $2.00 SOLD OUT

    Thin, flat leaves with delicate garlic flavor. Attractive white flowers in midsummer. Flowers make a great addition to bouquets and are edible. Pull the florets apart and sprinkle on salads, dips, sauces, soups, stir-fries, and pizza. Great as an addition to potato salad. Flavor is of mild garlic.