Schools and Educational Facilities

Tennessee Urban Farm is proud to help your school or educational facility deliver the best in learning.

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Schools and Educational Facilities

If you are affiliated with a school or educational facility and would like to offer a great learning experience, the Tower Garden is a wonderful tool. The Tower Garden can be installed in a classroom setting with LED Grow Light Kit and the students can grow fresh vegetables without the complication of using soil.

Juice Plus + Tower Garden has developed lesson plans and suggested methods of incorporating the Tower Garden into a classroom curriculum or several Towers into a greenhouse setting. It is a perfect tool for the AG or Science Teacher looking to teach the food cycle and origin of fresh food.

Tennessee Urban Farm | Mona and Dan with Towers
Tennessee Urban Farm | Tower Garden ® Growing

Tower Garden ®

Tower Gardens are an eco-friendly vertical aeroponic growing system that allows your family or customers to enjoy fresh vegetables year-round using less than 10% of the water and space of traditional gardens. The Tower Garden is  33” in diameter and about 60” tall, perfect outdoors on a deck or patio or indoors with grow lights. It is easy to assemble and maintain and no green thumb is required. The kit includes everything you need to start growing.  View the short video below to see a Tower Garden in action.

Tennessee Urban Farm | Seedlings for Tower Garden ®


Our seedlings are grown specifically for use in Tower Gardens. When you receive them they already have a stable root system so you achieve maximum success in your Tower Gardening. Our seedlings are hand-seeded in rockwool plugs and fed with Tower Tonic nutrient solution. You can avoid the hassle and time it takes to germinate seeds yourself and get growing faster! All of our seedlings are non-GMO and we grow in a clean, controlled environment ensuring the health and success of each seedling. You will find our plant availability on our Seedllings page.

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